Gronest® YBP Pots

Single-layer fabric pots are typically used for professional horticulture and agriculture applications, where high-quality, durable containers are required to grow a variety of crops.

These pots are designed to be long-lasting and able to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in commercial growing operations.

Volume, Sizes and Packing
liters sizes pcs/box
1 liter 13x9x9cm 400pcs
2 liters 16x11x11cm 280pcs
4 liters 20x14x14cm 200pcs
8 liters 25x18x18cm 140pcs
11 liters 27x20x20cm 120pcs
15 liters 28x23x23cm 100pcs
19 liters 30x25x25cm 80pcs
25 liters 32x28x28cm 70pcs
39 liters 36x33x33cm 60pcs
55 liters 38x38x38cm 50pcs
75 liters 41x43x43cm 40pcs
95 liters 43x47x47cm 35pcs
115 liters 46x50x50cm 30pcs
150 liters 48x56x56cm 25pcs
170 liters 49x59x59cm 20pcs
190 liters 50x62x62cm 20pcs
225 liters 51x67x67cm 18pcs
265 liters 52x72x72cm 18pcs
300 liters 53x75x75cm 15pcs
380 liters 54x84x84cm 15pcs
550 liters 55x100x100cm 13pcs
750 liters 56x116x116cm 8pcs
950 liters 57x129x129cm 6pcs
Codes and EAN
liters code ean
1 liter YBP01120 5949064300693
2 liters YBP02120 5949064300709
4 liters YBP04120 5949064300716
8 liters YBP08120 5949064300723
11 liters YBP11120 5949064300730
15 liters YBP15120 5949064300747
19 liters YBP19120 5949064300754
25 liters YBP25120 5949064300761
39 liters YBP39120 5949064300778
55 liters YBP55120 5949064300785
75 liters YBP75120 5949064300792
95 liters YBP95120 5949064300808
115 liters YBP115120 5949064300815
150 liters YBP150120 5949064300822
170 liters YBP170120 5949064300914
190 liters YBP190120 5949064300921
225 liters YBP225120 5949064300938
265 liters YBP265120 5949064300945
300 liters YBP300120 5949064300952
380 liters YBP380120 5949064300969
550 liters YBP550120 5949064300976
750 liters YBP750120 5949064300983
950 liters YBP950120 5949064300990
Areas of Use
Container Gardening: Single-layer fabric pots are popular among home gardeners and hobbyists for growing plants in containers. The breathable fabric allows for improved aeration and better drainage compared to traditional plastic pots, promoting healthy plant growth.

Hydroponic Gardening: Single-layer fabric pots are also used in hydroponic growing systems where plants are grown without soil and instead in a nutrient-rich solution. The breathable fabric helps to regulate the flow of air and water, promoting healthy root growth and reducing the risk of disease.

Commercial Farming: Single-layer fabric pots are used in commercial agriculture for growing crops such as vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They are durable and can be easily moved and transported, making them ideal for large-scale growing operations.

Nurseries: Single-layer fabric pots are commonly used in nurseries and greenhouses for growing seedlings, young plants, and cuttings. The breathable fabric allows for improved aeration, promoting healthy root development, and reducing the risk of disease.

Overall, single-layer fabric pots are a popular choice among professional growers due to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

They are used for growing a wide range of crops, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants.

Gronest® YBP Pots
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