Gronest's® cutting-edge technology and proprietary "Aqua Breathe" design has resulted in the ultimate growing container solution.

Our geotextile material offers a perfect balance of durability, aeration, and moisture retention, ensuring your plants receive the best possible growing conditions.

  • Gronest Aqua Breathe layer for fabric pots
  • Gronest Aqua Breathe Layer for fabric pots

The innovative "Aqua Breathe" technology in Gronest's® fabric pots allows for precise water drainage, only releasing it at the base of the container. This less permeable layer helps to create optimal growing conditions for your plants.


With Gronest's® "Aqua Breathe" technology, your plants' roots will receive the essential oxygen they need to thrive. This innovative layer allows for continuous aeration, ensuring that your plants grow strong and healthy.


The "Aqua Breathe" technology incorporated in Gronest® fabric pots is a specially designed filter layer that ensures the pot remains stain-free on the outside


The "Aqua Breathe" technology provides added strength and durability to the pot, ensuring long-lasting use.

With its innovative "Aqua Breathe" technology, Gronest® fabric pots offer numerous benefits over traditional plastic pots. The specialized layer ensures optimal aeration and moisture retention for plants, leading to enhanced growth and overall health.

Additionally, the reduction in watering needs makes it a convenient option for gardeners and cultivators alike. Invest in the power of Aqua Breathe technology and elevate your growing experience with Gronest® fabric pots.