Gronest® Transplanter Pot

A transplanter fabric pot with “Aqua Breathe" layer is a type of fabric pot that is designed specifically for transplanting plants. Transplanter fabric pots are typically smaller in size than regular fabric pots, and are used to temporarily hold plants before they are permanently planted in the ground or in a larger pot.

The velcro band allows for effortless and gentle planting of seedlings, preserving the integrity of their roots.

Volume, Sizes and Packing
liters sizes pcs/box
3 liter 18x13x13cm 160pcs
5 liters 22x15x15cm 130pcs
8 liters 25.5x18x18cm 100pcs
11 liters 27.5x20x20cm 80pcs
15 liters 28x23x23cm 60pcs
19 liters 30.5x25x25cm 50pcs
25 liters 32x28x28cm 40pcs
Codes and EAN
liters code ean
3 liter TRS03120 5949064300587
5 liters TRS05120 5949064300594
8 liters TRS08120 5949064300600
11 liters TRS11120 5949064300617
15 liters TRS15120 5949064300655
19 liters TRS19120 5949064300662
25 liters TRS25120 5949064300679

Gronest® transplanter fabric are commonly used by hobby gardeners and professional growers who want to ensure that their plants are well taken care of during the transplanting process, and that they are able to establish healthy root systems in their new environment.

Gronest® Transplanter Pot
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