Gronest® Classic Pots

Gronest® classic fabric pots have a second layer called the “Aqua Breathe" layer, which is designed to provide additional benefits for plant growth and health.

The “Aqua Breathe" layer is designed to be less permeable than the outer fabric layer, which helps to regulate the water flow and prevent excessive moisture buildup around the roots.

Volume, Sizes and Packing
liters sizes pcs/box
1 liter 11x9x9 cm 400 pcs
2 liters 14x12x12 cm 250 pcs
4 liters 18x15x15 cm 160 pcs
8 liters 21x19x19 cm 110 pcs
11 liters 23x22x22 cm 80 pcs
15 liters 25x24.5x24.5 cm 70 pcs
19 liters 27x26.5x26.5 cm 60 pcs
25 liters 30x28.5x28.5 cm 50 pcs
39 liters 30x36x36 cm 40 pcs
55 liters 40x36.5x36.5 cm 35 pcs
75 liters 30x50x50 cm 30 pcs
95 liters 33x54x54 cm 25 pcs
115 liters 36x57x57 cm 20 pcs
150 liters 39x62x62 cm 18 pcs
170 liters 41x65x65 cm 18 pcs
190 liters 43x67x67 cm 15 pcs
225 liters 45x71x71 cm 15 pcs
265 liters 47x75x75 cm 12 pcs
300 liters 49x78x78 cm 12 pcs
380 liters 53x85x85 cm 10 pcs
550 liters 55x100x100 cm 10 pcs
750 liters 57x115x115 cm 7 pcs
950 liters 60x126x126 cm 7 pcs
Codes and EAN
liters code ean
1 liter POT01120 5949064300013
2 liters POT02120 5949064300020
4 liters POT04120 5949064300037
8 liters POT08121 5949064300044
11 liters POT11121 5949064300051
15 liters POT15121 5949064300068
19 liters POT19121 5949064300075
25 liters POT25121 5949064300082
39 liters POT39121 5949064300129
55 liters POT55120 5949064300136
75 liters POT75120 5949064300143
95 liters POT95120 5949064300556
115 liters POT115120 5949064300563
150 liters POT150120 5949064300570
170 liters POT170120 5949064301003
190 liters POT190120 5949064301010
225 liters POT225120 5949064301027
265 liters POT265120 5949064301034
300 liters POT300120 5949064301041
380 liters POT380120 5949064301058
550 liters POT550120 5949064300624
750 liters POT750120 5949064301065
950 liters POT950120 5949064301072
Areas of Use
Agriculture: They are commonly used in commercial agriculture for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Horticulture: They are widely used in horticulture for growing flowers, shrubs, and small trees.

Indoor gardening: Fabric pots are ideal for indoor gardening as they are lightweight, portable, and allow for proper aeration and drainage.

Hydroponic systems: Fabric pots are commonly used in hydroponic systems for growing plants without soil.

Greenhouses: Fabric pots are often used in greenhouses for growing a variety of plants, as they allow for proper aeration and insulation.

Urban gardening: Fabric pots are suitable for urban gardening as they are easily transportable, take up less space and can be used in limited spaces such as balconies, roof terraces or small patios.

Gronest® classic fabric pots a popular choice for hobby gardeners, who can use them to grow a wide range of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and succulents.

With the right care and attention, fabric pots can help hobby gardeners create a beautiful and thriving garden in their home or outdoor space.

Gronest® Classic Pots
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