Gronest® Fabric Pot Covers

Covers for fabric pots are protective covers designed to be used with fabric pots to provide additional protection and insulation for plants growing in these pots.

The material is reusable and can withstand UV rays and can be disinfected. It allows for water and fertilizer to permeate through, including granular fertilizer, and it does not alter the chemical properties of the soil as it is chemically neutral, with no added salts or changes in pH, and does not cause N-fixation.

Sizes and Packing
liters diameter pcs/box
1 liter 11.5cm 1000pcs
2 liters 15.3cm 800pcs
4 liters 18.1cm 700pcs
8 liters 24.2cm 600pcs
11 liters 28cm 500pcs
15 liters 31.2cm 400pcs
19 liters 33.7cm 300pcs
25 liters 36.3cm 250pcs
39 liters 45.8cm 200pcs
55 liters 54.7cm 150pcs
  • Stronger, healthier plants.
  • Reduces labor costs and raises productivity.
  • Reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides.
  • Improves irrigation and water efficiency.
  • Helps break the life cycle of many insect pests.
  • Durable. Can be used over and over.
  • Save on Soil and maintain a clean appearance.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Some pots covers may also come with additional features such as ventilation or access panels to allow for watering or monitoring of the plants inside.

Gronest® Fabric Pot Covers
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