Gronest® Block Covers

Block covers are specifically designed for use with blocks of rockwool and other grow media in hydroponic systems. They serve the purpose of blocking light from reaching the grow media, which helps to reduce the growth of algae.

Dimensions and Packaging
diameter pcs/box
Ø11.5cm 2000pcs
Ø15cm 1800pcs
Ø22cm 1500pcs

Algae thrive in environments that provide water, nutrients, and light. In hydroponic systems, the water is constantly re-circulated and contains nutrients, making it an ideal environment for algae growth. By using Block Covers, growers can remove light as a factor, reducing the potential for algae growth and helping to maintain a clean and healthy hydroponic system.

Block covers come in various sizes and packing options to accommodate different hydroponic setups.

Gronest® Block Covers
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