TENT NET KIT 120×120 (Ø15-18MM)

Gronest tent nets will support horizontally your plants and can also be used for training plants. It is designed for grow tent with maximum side size 120cm and with Ø 15-18mm poles.

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Kit contains 4 x pole hooks, 4 x plastic ties, 1 x plant net
Pole diameter Ø 15 – 18 mm
Mesh size 10 x 10 cm
Net size 110 x 110 cm
Compatible brands HomeLab 120, DarkStreet DS120, Hydro Shoot HS 120, Mammoth Pro 120, Classic 120, Lite 120

 Pieces per box 250 pcs
 Boxes per pallet 16 pcs
 Pieces per pallet 4000 pcs
 Box size 40x40x60 cm (HxWxL)
 Pallet size 80x120x180 cm (HxWxL)

Use plastic ties and hooks to attach Gronest net to the poles of your tent at the desired height to give support to your growing plants. It can be easily adjusted to smaller sizes just using scissors.


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