Made From Recycled PET Bottles
Recycled PET bottles can be turned into polyester fibers, which are used for fabric products, such as  Fabric Pots, T-shirt, hat, gloves, pullover shirt, jacket, handbag, carpet etc.
Roots Are Air Pruned
Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity, causing the plant to constantly  produce new and healthy branching roots.
Environmentally Friendly Fabric Pots
PET bottle and polyester are the same material, which has the same property with polyester fiber, such as non-toxic, food safety and environmentally friendly.
Perfect For Hydroponic Gardening
Is the ideal container for some of the most popular  hydroponic systems because nutrients can easily pass in and out of the porous fabric.
Stop Root Circling
Roots do not grow in circles around the pot resulting in a healthier root system and a more vigorous plant.
Better Drainage
Difficult to over water because the excess water drains through the fabric. The growing medium retains only the water it can hold.
Roots Stay Cooler During Hot Weather
Fabric Pots stays cooler than traditional containers through aeration and heat released through the porous fabric.
Non-Breakable And Frost Resistant
Fabric Pots will not break when dropped and will not crack in frost. They are all seasons resistant.
Ready For Multiple Uses And Washes
Fabric Pots can be used harvest after harvest and this can be done for couple seasons.
Easy to Move With Triple Folded Handles
Easy To Move Or Transported Without Disrupting The Root Zone.

More Advantages of Fabric Pots:

  • Better Than Black Plastic;
  • Boosts Plant Growth And Yields;
  • Fabric Allows Roots To Breath;
  • Fabric Pot Allows Plant To Be Placed Outside Quicker;
  • Saves Up To A Week Of Vegetative Growth Cycle;
  • Promotes Thick Healthy Secondary Root Formation For Better Nutrient Uptake;
  • Plants Need Repotting Less Often;
  • Nice Design And High Resistance.