When it comes to fabric pots, there is no better choice.

Strong Roots
With Gronest  we have achieved the optimum in strength durability, aeration and moisture retention in a single product.
Cooler Effect
The Gronest Pots stays cooler than traditional pots through aeration and heat release through the porous fabric.
Aqua Breathe
Gronest  Fabric Pots has engineered a technically advanced growing pots using its proprietary “Aqua Breathetechnology.

Our geotextile pots is better than a plastic, ceramic, clay  or raised bed pots because it  air prunes the roots to promote more  root growth while preventing  root circling. Root pruning promotes root branching which increases root growth, and  root mass is proportional to bud mass.

The Gronest  Fabric Container also allows for aeration of the container  and root system which promotes the  health of beneficial  aerobic bacteria, which need  oxygen to survive and flourish. This aeration is impossible  in any solid container.