Gronest® Grow Bags

Gronest® grow bag is a low cost type of container used for growing plants, especially in horticultural and agricultural applications.

They are made of a permeable material, a type of non woven material, that allows for air and moisture to reach the roots of the plants.

Volume, Sizes and Packing
liters sizes pcs/box
1 liter 13x9x9cm 600pcs
2 liters 16x11x11cm 450pcs
4 liters 20x14x14cm 400pcs
8 liters 25x18x18cm 350pcs
11 liters 27x20x20cm 300pcs
15 liters 28x23x23cm 250pcs
19 liters 30x25x25cm 200pcs
25 liters 32x28x28cm 150pcs
Codes and EAN
liters code ean
1 liter BAG01110 5949064300839
2 liters BAG02110 5949064300846
4 liters BAG04110 5949064300853
8 liters BAG08110 5949064300860
11 liters BAG11110 5949064300877
15 liters BAG15110 5949064300884
19 liters BAG19110 5949064300891
25 liters BAG25110 5949064300907

Gronest® grow bags are commonly used for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants in indoor and outdoor settings.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of plants and growing systems, and are commonly used for container gardening, hydroponic systems, and commercial farming operations.

Gronest® Grow Bags
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